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Jiangshi: Talisman-gle is a collection of 10,000 random and unique NFTs. A Jiangshi is a Chinese hopping reanimated corpse aka somewhat less scary cousin of the Western vampire. Talismans are known to protect and provide blessings to their users, but the eagled-eyed amongst you will notice that some of them got mangled while the Jiangshis were making their way onto OpenSea one hop at a time.

JIangshis are stored in their coffins on the Polygon blockchain and are hosted on IPFS.


Frequently Asked Things

(or things we thought that you'd ask)

What is a Jiangshi NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token. Each Jiangshi NFT is unique with its own distinct traits - in life or death, no two are alike.

Nice! How much will one set me back?

Each NFT costs 0.078ETH regardless of rarity or type (so feel free to go for the rarer ones first if that’s your jam). It’s priced this way so everyone can have a chance at their very own Jiangshi to score some dodgy luck and shady blessings.

This is what my (un)life’s been missing, woot. Where can I get one of these bad boys / girls / <insert pronoun of choice>?

All Jiangshi NFTs are minted and up for sale at

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