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Conjured up by a fascination with the supernatural world, Jiangshi Talisman-gle adds a touch of taboo DNA to the NFT mix while spreading some cheekily joyous blessings around.

The Jiangshi Masters


From chef to NFT creator, Ninja in Pyjamas views life as one grand adventure best enjoyed with a generous serving of silliness. Jiangshi: Talisman-gle embodies this cheeky spirit of irreverence, adding a tinge of modern flavour to the classic trope of the Chinese hopping corpse. Yum.


Just when she thought she’d been asked to write about almost everything under the sun, Dizzycat was thrown some jiangshis. Which may not technically be under the sun, but sure was a heck of a fun project. Does she love punning in Chinese as much as in English? Hop corpse.

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